Customized remote control for the AEROdisc

custom remote control aerodisc

For AEROdisc we have transformed the Musca remote control and the Aquarius receiver into a true AEROdisc product. The company in Germany/Belgium has developed a rotating platform specially designed for hangars housing smaller (sport-) planes. The platform is extremely low at 6 cm, comes in four standard diameters from 18 through to 25 meters and […]

Advanced slurry pump with a filling station

Slurry mixing, pumping, filling-in and separation (e.g. of stones), all this happens on the premises of the farm before the pump is disconnected and the slurry tank is taken to the fields. A specialized German machine manufacturer decided to make a filling station for the above- mentioned process. Automated filling process with radio remote control […]

Highly mechanized manure-mix equipment

Due to the high degree of industrialization in the agricultural sector, practically in all branches ultramodern machines are deployed. The same applies to the manure storage and usage branch. In large silos there are thousand cubic meters of manure/slurry which is stored until it is dispatched. Manure-mix-pump remotely controlled In the mean time, it is […]