Learn to ski with the help of a Tyro remote control

There are many countries where there is no snow to ski on, or simply because there are no mountains. Winter sport enthusiasts who want to gain some experience before going to the slopes in the mountains can do this at a local indoor ski center.

Learn how to ski or snowboard step by step

SkiMachine from the Netherlands, supplier of indoor ski slopes, delivers machines which can be adjusted to the desired height with a conveyor belt covered with so-called ski grass. The conveyor belt is positioned at an angle and moves upwards to the top of the slope; this simulates the sliding speed on the slopes. A sprayer installation keeps the slope moist to give an optimum sliding experience.


Depending on the competency of the pupil skier a practice bar can be mounted and by means of a big two-way mirror they can see themselves moving. The indoor ski slopes are used to give skiing lessons as well as snowboard lessons.

Safety first

When a pupil touches a drawstring the conveyor stops immediately. This prevents him or her being pushed against the wall after a fall. A drawstring is fastened at the top and on both sides of the slope. In addition, there is a sensor on the top side of the slope which immediately stops the conveyor as soon as this type of movement is detected. The remote control provided by Tyro can manage the speed and also function as an extra stop.

The Pyxis Auriga for operating a ski slope

The teacher has complete control with the Pyxis wireless control which has four function keys. In addition to increasing and reducing the speed, the machine can also be switched on or off as done normally. If a student loses balance he or she can immediately press the quick stop button; the remote control and the receiver have a reaction time of less than 0.1 of a second. The Auriga receiver is connected to the control box.

A Tyro remote control is also delivered as a standard part of the ski slopes. Besides your own icons the remote control is also provided with your logo.