Customized remote control for the AEROdisc

custom remote control aerodisc

For AEROdisc we have transformed the Musca remote control and the Aquarius receiver into a true AEROdisc product. The company in Germany/Belgium has developed a rotating platform specially designed for hangars housing smaller (sport-) planes. The platform is extremely low at 6 cm, comes in four standard diameters from 18 through to 25 meters and […]

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Safety radio remotes for industrial automation

Tyro Remotes’ industrial controls have the latest, fully digital technology. Thanks to the high level of certification and their resistance to dirt and lubricants, Tyro remotes are often used in various industries such as machinery and industrial automation. Many of these remote controls are made to meet very specific client wishes.

The Tyro remote controls are also popular as a wireless emergency stop. A double emergency stop circuit is possible. The strength of the frequently applied Tyro PLC is that they can replace the traditional additional PLC. Simple controls in which an additional PLC was previously necessary are effortlessly taken over. Tyro Remotes: safe, reliable and extremely flexible!