Recovery company with remote controlled gate and winches

Vorgers Salvage operates the winches on all 42 recovery vehicles in their fleet by means of remote control. Beside operating the winch it also operates the electric entrance gate. Using the remote control, one can work more efficiently and the risk of damage is minimal.

Remote controlled electric entrance gate

As the producer of the recovery vehicles also uses Tyro remote controls, the salvage company made their choice quick enough. Next to the winch function it was noticed that the drivers – before leaving the premises – still had to open and close an electric gate manually using a key. To do this they had to get out of the recovery vehicle. With the remote control this is no longer necessary.

Remote controls gate and winch

This combined application has been selected for a Tyro Sedna remote control with four function keys. Two function keys are used for lifting and lowering vehicles, and the remaining two keys are used for opening and closing the electric gate.

Easy to use ‘flip / flop’ function

The flip / flop mode (also called key Hold function) provides more ease, because the driver no longer has to continuously press the button when opening and closing the gate. This takes quite some time.

Multiple transmitters with one receiver

Because this application makes it possible to have a number of remote controls ‘hooked up’ with one receiver, as well as having a number of receivers ‘hooked up’ to one remote control, it is possible that all 42 recovery vehicles can open the gate as well as operate their own winch with one remote control.

Gate and winch operate with the same remote control

Each recovery vehicle has its own receiver and remote control. A receiver is also mounted on the gate.The port is also mounted a receiver. The winches can only be operated with the remote that comes with that particular recovery vehicle, while the gate can be operated by all 42 remote controls. This ensures optimal user convenience for the drivers.

Safe winches without sticky relay contacts

The 100% waterproof casing of the Aquarius receiver (IP68) houses smart control contacts (MOSFET) that cannot burn or stick. Without these contacts, it is possible that the relay contact would remain stuck with result that the winch does not stop winching in time. The car that is to be recovered would then be pushed or pulled store against the bulkhead causing a lot of extra damage and insurance claims. With the safe winch control system of Tyro Remotes this has become something of the past!