How clients use our remotes:

A wireless remote control for industrial applications

In the past twenty years we have made major innovations in the field of remote controls. In cooperation with our clients we have developed systems that meet the demands of this time. Through the years our remote controls have not only improved strongly in quality, but also when it comes to the frequency of the remote control, the range and the application possibilities are better than ever before.

The number of channels of a remote control

The combination between the transmitter and receiver is dependent on the number of channels to which your remote control must comply with. Remote controls are available with 2, 4 or 6 channels up to as much as 256 channels. The number of channels is highly dependent on the application for which the industrial radio control is to be used. Many of our clients manage very well with a 6-channel remote control. Because the applications which our clients want to use the remote control systems for are so diverse, we would like to help you personally in making the right choice.

Dutch quality

Did you know that our remote control systems are designed and produced in the Netherlands? We are extremely flexible in “made to measure” solutions for our clients and we can control the quality down to the finest details. Client queries translate into continuous development of both the hardware and the software. With a remote control produced by Tyro Remotes you receive quality with a high degree of user friendliness.


After twenty years experience, we still receive customer requests for applications which we had never ever thought of before. A remote control for a crane, a remote control for forestry or tow away truck are all standard applications. Did you know that our remote controls are also used for high-pressure cleaners, luxury yachts and for steering axles on trailers? These are just a few of the countless applications that can be thought of. Tell us about your challenge, let us provide you the best solution.


Tyro Remotes is your partner in remote controls for industrial applications. Whether it’s a remote control for your crane, a remote control for your winch or a reliable M2M solution, with us you will find a resolute answer for each issue. Tyro is the leading producer in industrial remote controls.

Unique range of products

Our remote controls are available starting at 2 channels, 4 channels through to 256 channels. Adjustable frequencies of 433 MHz, 868 MHz and 915 MHz range, the housing and extra options that the various remote controls and receivers provide make a unique selection of products with a wide range of possibilities.

25 years of experience

With over 25 years’ experience in the development and production of industrial remote controls we have provided many solutions within various sectors. We convert your idea into a workable solution which will give you many years of pleasure.

Widely applicable

Our range of high quality products are used, among others, for winches, truck trailers, M2M communication, high pressure cleaners, pallet shuttles. Whether it is the end customer who needs a customized solution for his truck or a manufacturer applying our remote controls for series, you get the best service at Tyro!