History of Tyro Remotes

In the year 1995, three Dutch companies active in the transport sector – Tijhof, Rolego and Linse – started with the development of a professional radio remote control for the Automotive market.

Due to safety reasons, ease of use and increased efficiency an increasing number of applications are remotely controlled. The three companies decided to exploit this trend and thus, the company Tyro Products BV was born. The company was focused on the research and development of radio remote controls and their deployment in the automotive sector.

The owner of Linse – the VADO group (has also once been the owner of the DAF) – became the owner of the company Tyro Products; and Tyhof and Rolego contributed their knowledge and gave Tyro it’s name by providing the first two letters of their name (Tyhof and Rolego).

Oude gevel Tyro Remotes
Pand Tyro Remotes

Research & Development

After years of research and development in 2002 Tyro presented a unique and highly flexible remote control to the market. The controlling system had a unique response time of 0.07 seconds and was also the first radio system with e11 certification – thus, was approved for use on the public roads.

Marching on its own

In 2004, Tyro Products BV who was at that time one of the four firms of a larger company, decided to continue it’s journey on its own under the name ‘Tyro Remotes’. From that moment, Tyro focuses completely on the development and production of wireless radiographic remote controls.


In 2005, Tyro Remotes presented the first 100% waterproof (IP68) radio receiver: Tyro Aquarius. The print of this receiver is fully encapsulated in synthetic resin due to which all the electronic components are optimally protected against moisture and dirt (IP 68).

Extension product range

In the last years, Tyro Remotes has launched different remote controls for various sectors and has diversified its assortment.


There are many new developments taking place at Tyro Remotes. Our open organizational structure makes it possible to develop new products in a very short time. We strive to do everything possible to meet the market demands. Once a new product is available, we put all the concerning information on our website for our customers. Thus, to know about new products please visit our website or subscribe to our newsletter (max. 6x per year) to keep abreast of the latest facts.