Tyro supplies remote control for logistics centre

remote control conveyor belt

Aberle GmbH from Leingarten, Germany is specialized in the automation of intralogistic systems. For a large online retailer in fashion and lifestyle products, they have installed an internal transport system in a new logistics centre. The aim of automating internal transport is to further improve the quality and economic efficiency of their logistics. The company […]

Barrier provided with industrial remote control

Wolfskuil is an old working-class neighbourhood in the district Nijmegen-Oud-West (The Netherlands). The area north-east of the Nieuwe Nonnendaalseweg was built in the in the first and second decades of the last century. The public area is characterized by a number of major avenues and smaller residential streets and squares. These lanes follow the structure […]

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Industrial Radio Remote Control Systems for Intralogistics

Remote controls are often used in and around buildings for various applications. For example the wireless Tyro Remotes remote controls are used to open multiple doors, if necessary with bimanual operation. Various sliding doors can also be opened remotely from a forklift or reach truck, whereby a choice can be made of selection per door or rather opening several doors simultaneously.

Another application is operating a barrier or access door or gate from multiple lorries, each of which has its own radio control for mobile applications. It is also possible to operate reel hoses that are attached to the ceiling or skylights, if necessary even continuously.

For this application the remote control is regularly used as an automatic opener to regulate the temperature. Opening and closing doors is possible in combination with regulating the lighting. This combination is used a lot to operate hoisting winches for stage scenery.