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An emergency stop for extra safety

It’s a cliché, but most clichés are also true; safety comes first. Currently machines have taken over a lot of work, yet there are always machines needed that require human intervention. Wherever people work with machines, safety always has top priority. The machine builder is obliged to reduce all risks as much as possible and ensure that a well-functioning emergency stop system is provided. This system must immediately stop the machine when required.

A wired or wireless emergency stop system?

Many people assume that an emergency stop system with cables is safest. There are many situations in which it is safer to have a wireless emergency stop system. When a fitter is working on a machine that is still running and happens to get trapped, it is often not possible for him to reach the emergency stop that is mounted on the machine. In that case a wireless system is the ideal solution.

When there is no other option than wireless

With reference to the car used in the musical Grease, an emergency stop with cables was not an option. The car would move across the stage and regularly had to be moved behind the scenes. One option was that the car would not have a motor, but be pushed manually instead. Obviously the musical would have ended up completely different. The wireless emergency stop, once again, was the only and best solution.

Safety has the highest priority at Tyro

There are countless applications that can be considered in which wireless systems are safer than cable systems. Because we at Tyro know that our radiographic systems can make the difference between life and death, we also know how important it is that an emergency stop system must work faultlessly. For this reason safety is our highest priority. Our products are rigorously tested under all types on conditions so that your machine is also safe.