Unwinding machine for about 2 tons coil wire

In an industrial plant which produces industrial springs an unwinding machine is used which unwinds the wire of the coil. The metal wire, which is being processed here is between 10 and 15 mm thick. This is wrapped on a coil with a weight of approximately 2 tons.

When a new coil is put on the unwinding machine, this thick wire has to be entered manually in the metalworking machine. Which means bridging about 10 meters of distance. The unwinding machine was previously operated with a cabled remote control. The clumsy 10 meter long cable of the cabled remote control which should send the wire to the direction of the metalworking machine was frequently a stumbling block for the machine operator.

Radio remote controls for industrial use

As the metal wire is treated against corrosion, the transmitter also comes in contact with the greasy stuff via the gloves of the machine-operator. This is the reason that a remote control that is resistant to moisture and dirt is required. The protective cover of the Tyro remote control used in this specific application is made in such a way that the transmitter buttons can be operated with out any problems. Apart from that it also provides additional protection in harsh industrial conditions.

Existing machines equipped with a wireless remote

It is not unusual for an operator to find out that in a particular application more features and functions are desired. The radio remotes of Tyro can be extended afterwards based on the demand of a particular project. As the remotes meet various safety categories, they can easily be used for operating machines in the industrial sector.

If you are looking for a safe solution for an unsafe or impractical situation concerning machines in your industrial plant. Please contact us. We would be glad to help you out!