Tyro remote control contributes to recycling construction waste

Construction and demolition waste is basically a mixture of stone, metal, wood, paper and plastic. While the greater part is already separated at the construction site a sorting centre is certainly not an extra luxury.

Construction and demolition waste recycled

The Belgian company has its own demolition company and hires out skips for building rubble; but customers can also deliver their waste to the sorting centre. Recycling this waste ensures that the valuable raw materials are not lost. To achieve this the waste and rubble is carefully sorted and as much as possible retained for reuse and recycling.

A sorting machine is used for sorting construction and demolition waste. The waste is sorted automatically for the greater part. The remaining waste is then sorted out on a conveyor belt manually.


Operating the sorting machine from a distance

An operator can start and stop the sorting machine, or temporarily interrupt the process if the sorters cannot keep up with the conveyor belt. To operate these functions a specialist in industrial automation built in the Pyxis remote control. The control is provided with 4 channels and a stop button and is in constant communication with the Tyro Auriga receiver.

The industrial remote control systems with a range of 250 meters comes fully into its own right when working in a demanding industrial environment like this. The remote control is resistant to dirt and moisture (IP 65) and directly contributes to a more efficient and safer use of the sorting machine and the environment.