Dewatering pumps equipped with remote control

An earthmoving company uses dewatering pumps to pump out groundwater. The idea was to start the pump from a mobile crane or wheel loader, as well as increasing or reducing the pumping rate. Whether it is a new pump, or a used pump; at Struijk Automotive they know how to provide the best solution for your requirements.

Lowering the water table

Before starting the excavation work the earth moving company must ensure that there is no ground water collecting in the building pit. By placing drainage pipes vertically around the building pit, and with the assistance of a well point dewatering pump the ground water around the construction pit can be pumped out. Unlike various other water pumps, well point dewatering pumps can pump a mixture of water and air at the same time or even run dry without problems.


Post provision of RC control

The specialist in vehicle communication systems, has combined the Pyxis radio remote control with the Aquarius receiver combined on both the old and new well point dewatering pumps. Standard pumps are not equipped with a RC controller or preparation. Struijk Automotive chose the Aquarius receiver as it is 100% waterproof and can withstand severe vibrations.

Remote switching on and off of dewatering pump

As shown in the above video the driver of the wheel loader or crane can switch the pump on and off from a distance as well as increasing the engine revs. The remote control with 4 functions is especially chosen for its long range (up to 300 meters in an open field, with an optional increase of up to 700 meters) and because own specific icons can be applied.

Remote control with built in carkit

The Pyxis remote control can be used continuously for approximately 40 hours. A car kit is mounted in the crane or wheel loader so that the remote control can be recharged on the spot.