Sewer cleaning controlled by industrial remote control

Clogged sewer! Very annoying, and even more annoying when it happens outside the standard working hours. Fortunately, there are professional cleaning companies that provide adequate help 24/7. The machines used are also made in such a way that they unclog the sewers as quickly as possible. An industrial remote control for such a machine is a tool that can not be missed.

High pressure water

The present-day sewer cleaning machine in most cases consists of a small diesel engine, a high pressure pump, a water storage tank, and one or more hose reels with a spray nozzle or spray head at the end. Depending on the sewer and the type of contamination the correct type of nozzle is selected. The sewer worker explains that after starting the engine, he puts the nozzle into the sewer in order to press ‘start’ to build the water pressure. This way high pressure water is injected to the tube thereby unclogging the drains.

Remote drain cleaner

Due to their large range, the Tyro remote controls are highly appreciated among the drain cleaners. The large range is important to reach the parked vehicle from the basements or gardens.

The functionality of the remote controls varies: the main function is always the starting and stopping of the water pressure from a distance. This allows the user to stand above the pit and to have a good view of the situation. Having a good view of the situation helps the cleaner to guide the spray nozzle into the sewer. Going back and forth to the bus or to the trailer for increasing the water pressure while the nozzle is in the sewer can have fatal consequences for the cleaner. A decent remote to operate the necessary functions is ,therefore, a sheer necessity in this situation for the safety of the drain cleaner.