Company Profile of Tyro Remotes

Tyro Remotes is a Dutch company that specialises in the development, production and selling of professional radiographic remote controls for different types of industrial applications.

By industrial remote controls we do not mean the remotes that are used for the garage doors or for a radio controlled car, but robust industrial remote controls with innovative design for pumps, winches, cranes, machinery, exceptional vehicles, etc. All electrically, hydraulically or pneumatically driven applications can be operated or controlled using a professional remote made by Tyro Remotes.


Tyro Remotes is active in many sectors: Transport, Construction, Industry, Agriculture, Lifting and Hoisting technology, Marine, Industrial cleaning and Security. Due to our strong focus on the exceptional transport sector, we offer technologically advanced remotes for the axle control of the exceptional transport vehicles. Tyro Remotes will always do its best to offer advanced radio remotes with innovative design and reliability to its customers in varied sectors for countless applications. 


Tyro Remotes’ vision is to manufacture high-class radio remotes to increase the effectiveness and the efficiency levels in various industrial applications as well as optimizing the safety, convenience and the social welfare of its customers.


Tyro Remotes wants to provide its customers the maximum added-value through its high-quality radio remotes. The company focuses on building a long-term relationship with its customers and hence, aims to offer the best suited radio control system for their application.

If all of our standard products fail to meet the requirements of our customers then we try to develop a solution that suits their application and deliver a customized solution to satisfy their needs. Tyro Remotes will do everything in its power to create the best solution for its customers. The open organizational structure of the company makes this possible.

Due to the growth and development of the market and the company Tyro Remotes motivates its staff to the fullest to grow together with the company. All this with the goal of creating ‘we feeling’ among the enterprise and the staff.

Organisation structure

As Tyro Remotes has kept its R&D, production, sales and service under one roof, the company has short lines of communication and an open culture. This provides us the flexibility to provide our customers a reliable product. The quality is assured and a smooth delivery is guaranteed. The open organizational structure also ensures a transparent and good communication with the customer.

Core competencies

The three core competencies of our organisation are: safety, quality and reliability. Both for you and for us it is of the utmost importance that our systems work properly and do not get disturbed by other electrical appliances. The proper, uninterrupted functioning of electronics is of paramount importance in the industrial sectors. Therefore, Tyro Remotes complies to all the European initiatives regarding product usage and development. Any amendment in the laws is implemented as soon as possible to ensure the safety of the user.