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Industrial radio remotes for vehicle applications

In vehicles it is a truly vital that the electronics function correctly and without interference. It is not without reason that the RDW [Centre for Vehicle Technology and Information] has made the European EMC-e11 certificate for radiographic controls compulsory in the automotive industry since 2002.

All the Tyro Remotes have EMC-e11 certification and as a result are used in many different ways on special vehicles such as salvage vehicles for the operation of winches, travelling tables, steadies, various car decks and cranes.

In addition our remotes are used for mobile applications which require dual communication, such as fully automatic mortar mixing plants. Various analog values can be read on the Libra handheld transmitter such as the mixing ratio of water to cement. The following are also remote controlled: aircraft tractors, tower wagons, ladder lifts, moving floors, pressure washers, hook lifts, wood chippers, mobile traffic lights and the examples below:

  • Car transporters
  • Cattle transport trailers
  • Mobile hydraulic cranes
  • Container placement systems
  • Bulk trucks and garbage trucks
  • Emergency vehicles
  • Agricultural vehicles
  • Etc.