Boost efficiency with mobile conveyor belt solutions

Discover the power of efficiency with our reliable wireless remote controls for mobile conveyor belts. The key to success lies in enhancing productivity, ensuring safety, and driving efficiency. We’re thrilled to present an early prototype of the Pyxis 2S, designed with mobile conveyor belts in mind. Transform your operation by controlling it with a powerhouse […]

Smoke and fire at the touch of a button

Real heat, unexpectedly blazing fires and not being able to see anything through the smoke – it’s all possible in the fire brigade training centre. DOTES is a specialist in developing and building training centres for rescue workers. We are getting an exclusive peak at how Tyro Remotes’ remote controls have been used in this […]

Safer welding with a remote control

Welding rotator with remote control

Dumeta predominantly imports machines and tools for metalworking. One of these machines is a welding rotator. Such a machine contributes to a fast, effective and safe production. The use of a welding rotator increases operational safety and reduces the workload for welders. A welding rotator ensures that tubes can be rotated during welding so that […]

Tyro remote control for generator, the best solution

remote control with receiver for power generator

Vandaele Machinery from Belgium has been a household name when it comes to earthmoving and agricultural machines for many years. In 1992 an energy department was added; VD power. VD power specialises in (emergency) energy supplies such as generators for industry, construction and agriculture. The remote control is handy and compact. In combination with the […]

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Safety remote controls for mechanical engineering

The wireless operating systems of Tyro Remotes are widely used in mechanical engineering sector, the largest manufacturing sector in the European Union. Wonderful OEM solutions are created for the customer on a regular basis.

The new generation of operating systems of Tyro Remotes has interchangeable modules that make the system suitable for real-time communication over almost any industrial network. Because the wireless systems are easy to modify or expand, they increase the flexibility of the entire installation.

Tyro remote controls can be used as a main controller for machines but can also be used as an alternative form of control. M2M systems – where absolutely no human intervention is needed – are also among the possibilities.