How to drag your ship safely on the dry land?

The port of Hamburg is famous for the coming and going of cargo ships, ferries and yachts. These ships have to be at some time placed in the shipyard for maintenance, repair or during the winter season. The boatmen in Hamburg have discovered how effortlessly the distance from the water to the shipyard can be bridged with a wireless winch remote made by Tyro Remotes.

Remote control for hydraulic winch

In the shipyard made of steel, the workers have a hydraulic winch (15KW) with a 80m long cable connecting it to the to the Elbe river. Once the cable is connected to the ship, it can slowly drag the ship on to the shore where a trolley on rails is waiting to carry the ship. It is obvious that you need to have a good view of the progress of this process in order to prevent accidents. An industrial winch remote control with an extremely fast response time is essential for the handling of such heavy loads.

Intuitive winch control

According to the shipyard boss, the Tyro winch remote control with toggle switches (Fornax), which is worn around the waist with a belt is the perfect solution for operating the ship’s winch. This way he can keep an eye on the transport process.

Winch operation Fornax appears multitalented

Originally the Fornax remote control was developed for forestry; a very heavy application due to the humid and rough conditions. Due to it’s solid casing Fornax is suitable for virtually any application and is thus a versatile product. This is the reason that it is an ideal industrial winch remote control for a ship and a perfect remote control for jetting machines in industrial cleaning. This model is also available with a certified emergency stop.