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Looking for a remote control for an overhead crane or another control solution?

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Remote control systems

For more than twenty years we have specialised in the development and production of radio remote controls. Together with our team of engineers we are constantly busy innovating. Due to the enormous variety of questions placed by our clients, our remote controls are customised for the most diverse industries in combination with various techniques.

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Like some examples?

This is how manufacturers adapt our remote controls as standard with trailers, winches or heavy industrial high-pressure cleaners. These are just a few examples of how our transmitters and receivers are applied. In the meantime you will find our remote control systems in a lot of machines, vehicles and apparatus. In the twenty years that we have been on the market, Tyro Remotes has become a well known name in the Europe and far beyond the borders.

Combining your remote control with certain techniques

Our industrial remote controls can work in combination with our receivers on various fieldbus networks and communication protocols:

  • RS232
  • RS485
  • CAN-open
  • CAN-bus
  • PROFI-net
  • Devicenet
  • Sercos
  • Compnet

All types of options conceivable

Additionally there are all types of combinations conceivable such as radio remote control in combination with an NFC-tag or infra-red. Depending on where you want to apply the wireless remote control you can choose for one of the following frequencies: 433 MHz, 868 MHz or 915 MHz. Due to the unlimited possibilities, we always advise you to contact us for more advice. Selecting the right remote control for your specific requirements depends on various factors. Our experts will gladly help you so that you are offered the most advantageous solution.

Range of radiographic remote controls

The new narrowband technology has been developed specially for a good long distance connection or in circumstances that cause interference (for example, an area with a lot of steel). With the finely tuned data-packages it is possible to have a range of up to 1200 metres with the Tyro remote control. In some cases however it is important that the range is only 50 metres; this too is no problem for our engineers.