Industrial remote controls for wine pumps

You may think wine is just wine and has been for centuries. In the age of technological advancements, wineries are not left behind. Today, we’re focusing on a game-changer in wine production – the use of industrial remote control systems to operate wine pumps. This innovation enhances efficiency, reduces oxygenation, and, ultimately, improves the quality […]

Boost efficiency with mobile conveyor belt solutions

Discover the power of efficiency with our reliable wireless remote controls for mobile conveyor belts. The key to success lies in enhancing productivity, ensuring safety, and driving efficiency. We’re thrilled to present an early prototype of the Pyxis 2S, designed with mobile conveyor belts in mind. Transform your operation by controlling it with a powerhouse […]

Smoke and fire at the touch of a button

Real heat, unexpectedly blazing fires and not being able to see anything through the smoke – it’s all possible in the fire brigade training centre. DOTES is a specialist in developing and building training centres for rescue workers. We are getting an exclusive peak at how Tyro Remotes’ remote controls have been used in this […]

Optimum safety in the event of exceptional lifting challenges

Projects that seemed impossible have become reality thanks to Mammoet’s extensive technical expertise and high quality and safety standards. Mammoet is a global organisation offering solutions for heavy lifting and transport challenges. They specialise in transporting, shipping and placing large and/or heavy objects to and from any location. For Mammoet, the emphasis in every project […]

Tyro Remotes supplied a great solution for the operation of Agrifirm grain throwers

Grain thrower in warehouse

Agrifirm is a cooperative enterprise in which more than 10,000 Dutch livestock farmers and growers have joined forces. The cooperative is also a collector and sales organisation of grains in order to relieve the producers of their worries and to allow them to benefit from Agrifirm’s knowledge and cooperative advantage. Deployment of a grain thrower […]

Dutch tulips watered using Tyro M2M system

Irrigation of Dutch tulips using M2M

Mechanization firm De Nieuwstad is a well-known supplier of irrigation systems and water pumps. In addition, they also maintain agricultural machinery of farmers from the region. We had the opportunity to take a look at a recently delivered system. What we did not know beforehand, was that we ended up in beautiful surroundings with stunning […]

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