Hydraulic power under control!

hydraulic remote control

Amsterdam the capital of the Netherlands can be described as the city on the piles. This refers to the many piles that support the buildings like the famous palace on the dam. To bring these piles into the ground, a lot of power is required for the drilling. Power packs remotely operated Therefore, power packs […]

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Safety Radio Remote Controls at construction sites: vehicles and machinery remotely controlled

Concrete pumps, water pumps, generators, taps, shovels and unmanned vehicles such as crushers can all wirelessly and remotely be controlled by the radio remote controls of Tyro Remotes. This not only provides safety and efficiency to the user, but is also a lot easier!

Almost every application that is electrically, hydraulically or pneumatically operated can be managed by a radio control system. Tyro’s remote controls are impact-resistant and are very sturdy, hence, they do not break when get dropped accidentally. Besides that the remotes and their receivers are extremely well protected against moisture and dirt. Do you want to control something remotely? Let us find out the best possible solution for you.