Porsche centre uses Tyro remote controls

With over 650 dealers worldwide Porsche is a well known name particularly for its luxury sports cars. The originally German company has experienced tremendous growth and there is almost no country where it is not represented.

New Porsche center in Oman

Similarly in Oman, a sultanate in Western Asia. Since 1970 the oil state has made strong economic progress which is also the reason why Porsche has decided to replace the current Porsche center with a new one. The new building will consist of five floors with a total floor space of more than 16.000 square meters. Inside the building there will be ten radio remote controls that will be in contact with five receivers.

Controlling traffic within the Porsche centre

The 2-channel remote controls are to be used to control so-called traffic lights inside the building. The Porsche showroom has routes in the building where a Porsche can drive in one direction at a time. When one wants to bring a sports car, for example, to the second floor, the green or red lights will indicate whether the route is free, or that one has to wait for a car that is coming from the opposite direction.

The Lyra Hydrus remote control is ideal for use in such an environment. The wireless remote control has a range of up to 300 meters in open field and is very handy. With an extremely fast response time of less than 0.1 of a second the Lyra is a reliable, compact remote control that is also resilient.