Duplex control for a concrete pump

When you are working on a high building, the cement also needs to be pumped higher. What can you do in a situation when you are on the 5th floor and feel the need that the pump needs to be set harder? The only solution: to go to the pump? Of course not! You just need a wireless remote control and by pushing a button on the transmitter, your problem is solved! To make sure that the given command is processed you can also receive feedback on the same transmitter.

Whether we take a concrete pump or a pressurized machine for cleaning facades, they have one thing in common. The machine is down and the user is above. For all these situations, a wireless remote control is the perfect solution.

Feedback command

The concrete pump shown above has the following functions: ON/OFF, Start/Stop and RPM + / RPM -. When the machine is out of sight, it is difficult to see if the desired command is successfully executed. On top of that due to the noise on the construction site, it is often difficult to hear any sound signal as well. The Tyro Corvus/Pavo half duplex remote control offers a perfect solution to the user by providing feedback on the transmitter display. Each function key has its own LED. When the ‘Start’ command is given, the receiver by means of an input sends a signal to the transmitter after executing the command.

The button associated with the LED lights up and additionally a buzzer (beep) goes on. No matter where the user is, he or she always has the certainty that the given command is actually executed.
In addition to the dual communication, the high stable range of the Corvus/Pavo series is highly appreciated by our customers.