Dirty water pump provided with Tyro remote control

wireless remote control pump

A specialist in agricultural mechanization imports pumps of the brand Victor which are used for pumping dirty water. These dirty water pumps function very well in tough conditions such as drag hose fertilization.

During drag hose fertilization dirty water pumps are used to dilute the manure with water and distribute it on the fields. After distributing fertilizer the pump is used again, this time to clean the hoses by flushing them.

Remote control integrated on a water pump

The Victor pumps are imported from Germany. Because dirty water pumps are multi-functional the agricultural mechanization company in Holland offers the client many options among others a Tyro radiographic remote control. The radiographic receiver is mounted on the machine by them with an extra holder on which the remote control can be clipped.

remote control dirty water pump

Dirty water pump operated from a distance.

Because the pump can be operated from a distance, the work can be carried out more efficiently. The company chose for our Sedna remote control which can be delivered with two or four channels. The Sedna has a range of 700 metres and because the Aquarius receiver is completely waterproof it is ideal for dirty water pumps. The ergonomic design of the Sedna allows the user to hold the remote control firmly and comfortably without having to remove his safety gloves.