Tyro remote control for generator, the best solution

remote control with receiver for power generator

Vandaele Machinery from Belgium has been a household name when it comes to earthmoving and agricultural machines for many years. In 1992 an energy department was added; VD power. VD power specialises in (emergency) energy supplies such as generators for industry, construction and agriculture.

Control unit with Lyra remote control

On request, VD Power provides remote controls for aggregates. In the past, these remote controls and receivers regularly caused problems, which is why VD Power had to look for a solid and reliable alternative. They found it in the Lyra remote control with a Hydrus receiver from Tyro Remotes. Since the beginning of 2017 these are mounted on new machines in the workshop of VD Power. Also, on generators that have been in use for several years, the old brands are replaced by Tyro’s solution: the Lyra remote control combined with a Hydrus receiver.

Lyra remote control with a Hydrus receiver

The remote control is handy and compact. In combination with the receiver, this is an ideal set to build into existing installations such as generators. The Lyra is a 2-channel remote control and is moisture and dirt resistant (IP65). The receiver is solid cast and equipped with a flexible antenna which is guaranteed 100% waterproof.

Customer experience

VD Power on Tyro Remotes: “The installation of this type of receiver is fast and without much adjustment work. The installation goes smoothly, and it operates great, the frequency range is well above expectations. The transmitter, unlike other brands, has a flat control panel. This has the advantage that no dust can get between the buttons and the transmitter cannot break. But the big advantage of Tyro is definitely the price! On top of that there is the fast and reliable delivery of the materials and all this makes the Tyro a good choice for our applications. The final conclusion is that the price/quality ratio is excellent.”