Machine to machine to compost production

Tyro remote controls are regularly applied in mushroom cultivation. Previously we described how a client made use of a remote control to operate a winch. Hoving Holland applies a somewhat more advanced technique with the aid of the Tyro M2M set.

Compost for cultivating mushrooms

The production of compost for cultivating mushrooms is a complex process that is realised in a number of phases. In the first phase the raw materials are mixed so that the decomposing process is initiated. This creates a very moist and corrosive surrounding. In the second phase a pasteurization process is started in the specially designed tunnels. The compost is then repeatedly pulled out of the tunnels and again deposited in the tunnels so that there is a continuous pasteurization process.

The compost is poured on a net. A so-called “tunnel winch” pulls the net out of the tunnel after which a container refills the tunnel with compost. Often, a building has more than twenty tunnels. The machines can be set up as needed at any tunnel. A wireless start and stop signal is essential.

Machine to machine application

As long as the machines are running, both machines receive a constant signal from the central unit. A constant feed of material is very important for the quality of the compost, which in turn is extremely important so that the signal can be sent and received without any interruption. The M2M system of Tyro is the ideal solution.