Boost efficiency with mobile conveyor belt solutions

Discover the power of efficiency with our reliable wireless remote controls for mobile conveyor belts. The key to success lies in enhancing productivity, ensuring safety, and driving efficiency. We’re thrilled to present an early prototype of the Pyxis 2S, designed with mobile conveyor belts in mind. Transform your operation by controlling it with a powerhouse of efficiency, safety, and productivity.

Tyro Remotes 2S generation

The model used in this project offers a sneak peek into Tyro’s upcoming future. It features a prototype of our upcoming line of improved products. Tyro is launching a new generation of products named: 2S.

The latest radio technology combined with new in-house developed software has been put into a complete modular package. This enabled us to adapt and program our products quicker, easier, and more secure entirely to your needs.

The Tyro 2S products use improved radio modules that support all main global frequencies, including 2.4 GHz. All this while the new products retain their familiar shape, which has been loved and proven by countless customers (never change a winning team, right?)

Pyxis 2S


Boost Your Productivity

Our wireless remote control is your ticket to an optimized workflow. It enables the smooth operation of your mobile conveyor belt, doing away with manual handling. The result? You can transport more materials in less time, significantly elevating your productivity levels. Mobile conveyors can improve production capacity by combining DynaGen engine control and Tyro radio remote control solutions.

Safety First

Workplace safety is non-negotiable. Our remote control is designed with this principle at its core. Allowing operators to manage the conveyor belt from a safe distance reduces the risk of accidents and injuries. Its intuitive design ensures straightforward operation, even for first-time users.

Unmatched Functionality & Compatibility

Our wireless remote control offers an impressive range of motion, putting you in full command of your conveyor belt operations. Whether adjusting speed or altering the direction of movement, this device has got you covered. Plus, it’s compatible with various conveyor belt models, making it a versatile addition to your toolkit. The Pyxis 2S is not only limited to organizing software according to your wishes; it is also possible to adapt your own custom layout, including your own symbols for the push buttons.

User-Friendly Design

Our wireless remote control scores are high on usability. Its ergonomic design fits comfortably in your hand, while clear button icons simplify the operation of the conveyor belt. Lightweight and portable, it’s the perfect companion for on-the-go tasks.


Why Choose Tyro?

In a market with numerous possibilities for remote controls, you may ask, “Why should I choose Tyro?” The answer lies in its unique blend of features and services specifically tailored to meet your operational needs. It’s not just about controlling your conveyor belt; it’s about doing so in a way that maximizes productivity, prioritizes safety, and delivers an exceptional user experience.

In essence, our wireless remote control for mobile conveyor belts is more than just a device – it’s a game-changer for your industrial operations. By investing in our product, you invest in efficiency, safety, and productivity. Don’t wait to transform your operations; harness the power of our wireless remote control today.

Our wireless remote controls eliminate the need for physical interaction with the conveyor, enhancing safety and efficiency. With the integration of cloud-based telematics solutions, you gain an added layer of intelligence, enabling real-time monitoring, remote diagnostics, and machine tracking.

DynaGen – Engine operator control unit

The comprehensive Cattron integrated controls approach can add substantial value to your business. Machine operators will benefit from Cattron’s industry-leading technology and system expertise. They serve as the monitoring hub for warnings and failures, ensuring seamless integration between engine and conveyor control.

DynaGen controllers can convert mechanical systems into a J1939 gateway, enhancing the communication interfaces with other devices and systems.

Besides the products themselves, when choosing Tyro by Cattron, you also benefit from great worldwide support and service by a leading company in the world of industrial remote controls to connect, control, and protect your application.

Find out more about Cattron DynaGen.


Engine and Generator Controller

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