Safer welding with a remote control

Welding rotator with remote control

Dumeta predominantly imports machines and tools for metalworking. One of these machines is a welding rotator. Such a machine contributes to a fast, effective and safe production. The use of a welding rotator increases operational safety and reduces the workload for welders.

A welding rotator ensures that tubes can be rotated during welding so that welding can continue from the same position. In order to process larger objects, the distance to the machine control became larger and larger. A wired operation seemed the right solution. Unfortunately, this had one big disadvantage: cable breakage. Because of the emergency solutions that were devised for this, unsafe working situations arose, and the replacement costs of expensive signal cables increased.

In collaboration with Tyro Remotes

In collaboration with Dumeta, Tyro Remotes developed the solution: a radiographic and therefore wireless control. A safe and reliable operation that can be used on several machines. The operator can accurately set various variables remotely and thus prevents unnecessary walking back and forth. The operation is consequently suitable for both simple and more complex machines and for serial and varying operations. Through a simple menu on the display, the rotation speed and starting speed are easily adjustable. The controls can be used for welding rotators, welding rotary tables and welding manipulators.

The basis for Dumeta was the Pyxis, a robust industrial remote control that can be configured to suit your needs. This allows you to choose which symbols you want on the buttons and you are able to choose between different keyboard layouts. Your own logo can also be added. The performance of the Pyxis is impressive, with a response time of <0.1 sec., it is moisture and dirt resistant (IP65) and programmable up to 36 functions.