Hydraulic power under control!

hydraulic remote control

Amsterdam the capital of the Netherlands can be described as the city on the piles. This refers to the many piles that support the buildings like the famous palace on the dam. To bring these piles into the ground, a lot of power is required for the drilling.

Power packs remotely operated

Therefore, power packs are used to provide the hydraulic power to the hammer or the pile machine. In order to increase the user comfort and to improve the visibility at work, the power packs are remotely operated.

Pile driving in the Netherlands

As a large part of our country lies below the sea level, it is not surprising that this technique is used a lot in the Netherlands. The Cone Penetration Test is used to determine the soil geotechnical property of bearing capacity. On the basis of the results determined by the test, the manufacturer decides until which layer is to be driven, and how long the pile should be.

Road & water works

In addition to the construction sector, the power packs are also used in the civil engineering to insert sheet piles required in the construction of roads and bridges. By using a vibrating hammer, the sheet piles are inserted into the bottom of the streams and channels. The power pack stands at a distance from the vibrating hammer which rests on the top of the sheet pile. In order to be able to stand at a safe distance with a good visibility of the situation, a wireless remote control is what you need.


Remotes are also used in the offshore engineering in the projects concerning building an oil platform or a windmill in the sea. Cables on the deck of a workboat get damaged quickly then you expect and in addition to that they can lead to dangerous situations for the crew. A wireless remote control in this sector plays a crucial role as it provides durability, safety and better operating comfort.

Remote control features

The radio remotes for power packs have very different configurations. Most common features include start/stop of the generator, hydraulic opening or closing, increasing and decreasing the engine RPM and controlling the vibration intensity.