Multilingual remote control for a concrete pump

Tyro’s bidirectional remote control systems are applied in the construction sector to control the concrete pumps. These pumps need to be sometimes refilled with water for creating a good mixture. The ratio of the mixture contents is remotely monitored and adjusted.

Translations: Netherlands Germany France

Monitor the mixture ratio on the transmitter display

On the display of the control system, the mixture ratio can be read and by doing that it can be judged whether the water needs to be refilled or not. By using the bidirectional radio remote control made by Tyro Remotes, the user can modify the fluidity of the mixture as desired. This way the contractor can guarantee a consistent quality.

Universal key symbols

The machines of the Dutch manufacturer are used worldwide and therefore, universal understanding of the symbols of the remote control is very important.

For relatively simple applications, this is not a problem at all as you can use international symbols. But in case of complex machinery as in this project, using text is often essential. And what do you do concerning the different languages?

Tyro’s multilangual application

Tyro Remotes developed a multilingual application, where the user can choose the desired language in which he wants to operate the control system whether it is German, French or Russian (Cyrillic script).

All-in-one system

By using a trailer, the truck with the concrete pump can take all the necessary materials to the construction site. This makes the whole process very efficient as you do not need to store the sand and the cement at the construction site. These universal machines are used in various applications in the construction sector such as in the making of cemented floors or EPS floors.