BMS construction machines use Tyro remote controls [video]

BMS concrete machine supplied with remote control

From Germany, BMS supplies construction equipment to more than 30 countries. The construction machinery they manufacture is suitable for pumping bulk goods such as sand or concrete. The various concrete machines are supplied with a remote control by Tyro Remotes.

What does a remote control for a concrete pump need to comply with?

A remote control used in the concrete industry has to meet different requirements. Not only does the construction environment in which it is used affect the reception, but the concrete itself can also have a negative effect on the range of the transmitter and receiver. In addition, it must be able to be operated with work gloves and as soon as the remote control falls into the concrete, it is expected that it can continue to do its work.

Work gloves concrete pump remote control
In the concrete industry it is required that a remote control can be operated with work gloves.

BMS mainly uses two types of our remote controls. For simple functions, the Musca is used in combination with the Aquarius receiver. For the more comprehensive machines, the Corvus / Pavo is used. Unlike the Musca transmitter, the Corvus sends a signal back by means of a buzzer and LEDs as soon as one of the keys has activated a function. With the Corvus operation, we have placed specific icons on the keys to clarify the different functionalities.

Below you will find a video of BMS showing the application of both remote controls. The images are from BMS and have been combined by us: