Glazing Robots with industrial remote

Glazing robots help glaziers in the installment and maintenance of large glazed areas. Glazing robots work completely independently and have their own power and hydraulic systems on board. As with many innovations, this innovation has two-fold advantages. First of all, it relieves the back of the glazier and secondly, it takes away the need of an extra man. By combining a wireless remote control with a glazing robot, the whole task can be carried by only one man whereas previously at least two man were required.

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Provides comfort to the human body

The glazing robot is a new machine which responds to the increasing health and safety legislation. Glazing is one tough job. Lifting and transferring glass is a heavy burden for the back of the glaziers. Large glass sections that the robot picks up effortlessly, previously, were carried by at least two men. This device has not only made the work of a glazier easy and safe but has also made the whole process of glazing efficient.

Efficiency improvement with a remote

As stated above, the glazing robot can save a man power at work. But in order to do that it is necessary that the one man operating the truck can also operate all the other functions. An idea that was made feasible by using the wireless remotes of Tyro Remotes.

In order to stay ahead in the technological race, this German manufacturer quickly switched from the wired remote with coiled cord to a Tyro industrial wireless remote control. It was for the first time during the Bouma 2011 in Munich that the new robot with wireless remote was introduced. Since its introduction, about 80% of the machines are equipped with a wireless remote control, which is offered as an option.

Remote control configuration

The glazing robot consists of an electric pallet truck with a built-in telescopic arm to which a vacuum work piece is attached to vacuum the glass. With the remote control both the telescopic arm is operated up/down, in/out and the vacuum work piece is operated. The functions concerning loading / unloading are also performed using the remote control.