Advanced slurry pump with a filling station

Slurry mixing, pumping, filling-in and separation (e.g. of stones), all this happens on the premises of the farm before the pump is disconnected and the slurry tank is taken to the fields. A specialized German machine manufacturer decided to make a filling station for the above- mentioned process.

Automated filling process with radio remote control

The filling station is both stationary and as well as mobile. Due to the help of a wireless M2M remote control, the filling process is fully automated.

Remotely activated slurry pump

The filling station comprises a pump that pumps out the slurry from the pit and a separator that filters it. After filtration, the pump fills the slurry in the tank. When the farmer or the contractor comes with the empty tank to the filling station, he docks the suction arm of the slurry tank to the pump. Thereafter, he activates the slurry pump with the compact hand-held transmitter. The pump starts filling the slurry into the tank.

Communication between the radio control-receiver and transmitter

Once the slurry tank is full, a sensor in the tank sends an input signal to the M2M transmitter which is mounted on the slurry tank. This M2M transmitter then automatically with the help of wireless communication sends a signal to the M2M wireless receiver that is mounted on the pump. Once the signal is received, the pump gets turned off automatically.

No maintenance requiring cables

Without cumbersome and fragile cables, the whole filling process is wirelessly managed. This provides the user of the slurry tank the necessary time savings as he need not to monitor the filling process himself. This gives him the flexibility to go away from the pump with complete peace of mind!

Aquarius M2M system

The Aquarius/Aquarius M2M system is especially suitable for this application, since the electronics of the receivers are 100% waterproof and are protected against the effects of dirt, moisture and strong ammonia vapours. It is, therefore, an industrial wireless system that is perfect for this application.