Compact Tyro repeater as an intermediate station

In the Swiss Alps where the danger of landslides and avalanches is expected, avalanche prevention structures are used. In order to make these structures, one has to go high in the mountains with the necessary machinery.

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Power generator remotely controlled

For this process diesel generators are used. These are switched on and off by using a Tyro remote control which also makes sure that they do not run unnecessarily. This reduces the impact of such a process on the environment and results in low operating costs for the company as well.

Transmit signals over long distances and over obstructions

The challenging part of using a radio remote control in the mountains is the transmission of the radio signal. The radio signal has to reach the top of the mountain. Given that the distance between the aggregate and the work station is simply too long, moving the aggregate is not an option. As that would involve a helicopter and thus would result in high costs. Tyro remotes came with an idea of using a compact Tyro repeater as an intermediate station. The intermediate station doubled the scope of the signal and made it easy to continue with the heavy work.

Repeater vs. GSM

The Tyro repeater works in a very simple way. It captures the signal from the transmitter on one side of the mountain and passes it on to the receiver on the other side of the mountain. This happens in a very quick, direct, and reliable manner. There is no delay in the transmission of the signal, such as in the case of the GSM solutions if they can manage the range at the first place.

The Tyro remote control in combination with the repeater provides the ideal solution in the mountain areas. In fact several repeaters in a row can be used to extend the range even further.