Remote control for electric lift cart

In the funeral industry, too, there are sometimes logistical problems. Wearing a coffin, for example, is very heavy work and always has to be done by several people. In addition, it regularly causes injuries to employees. Datema Electronics was looking for a solution to this problem. They developed an electric lift cart so that the coffin no longer has to be carried by manpower and this work can be done with minimal effort.

Physical symptoms

The pallbearers often had physical complaints such as back injuries and pain in the shoulders. Not so strange when you consider that a coffin weighs an average of 120 -130 kg. With the electric lift cart it is now possible to get a coffin at a height of 1.65 metres. These problems are now a thing of the past.

How does the lift cart work?

The lift is set in motion by an electric motor. By means of the Tyro remote control it is possible to raise the platform of the cart after which the front roller can be moved remotely. In this way, the box can be rolled off the vehicle and back on again in the same way.

Our solution

Datema uses both 4-fold Sedna and 6-fold Musca remote controls from Tyro Remotes for the carts. A choice is made here depending on the functions required. Both are used in combination with our waterproof Aquarius receiver. The remote controls can be stored in the supplied holder – very practical!