Placing wild fences with a remote control

Wild fences are a good and widely used way to protect young plants and crops in forestry and agriculture. Placing wild fences prevents wild animals like deer, wild boar, and hares from entering the area, without hurting them.

QSB (Quad Solutions Bogner) has developed a special machine that makes placing and dismantling wild fences more economical and sustainable. On average a wild fence is used for 10 years, after which it is often thrown away. This is due to technical incorrect placement and/or economical reasons. The lifespan of fences can be significantly extended if they are installed correctly. This allows for correct dismantling, to make reusing the fence possible.

The ‘fence winder’ of QSB is attached to an ATV. They use ATVs because they can be maneuvered easily through most rough terrain and their compactness makes sure the woods won’t be damaged. To operate the fence winder QSB has chosen a Tyro Fornax 2S, forestry remote control including a Scorpius 2S receiver.

Versatile remote control

This application is a great proof of the versatility of the Tyro Remotes Fornax 2S remote and Scorpius 2S receiver. Both are rated IP68 to be 100% waterproof, a must-have feature for rough outdoor usage. The remote control is always within reach, thanks to its ’hands-free’’ hip or chest mounting. Another highly appreciated feature is the configurability.

The Fornax 2S can be configured with up to three custom buttons + the standard on/off switch. With choices ranging from toggle switches, and push buttons to potentiometers. The configuration is up to you.

QSB opted for a two-button layout. One switch to remotely start/stop the engine of the ATV and another switch to control the winch.

Radio remote controls

Fornax 2S – Forest

See the fence winder in action



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