Service vehicle equipped with Tyro remote control

Arcxis service vehicle

Arcxis, located in Belgium, specialises in fitting out commercial vehicles. For one of their customers, they have fitted out a service vehicle that uses a remote control by Tyro Remotes.

The commercial vehicle is fully equipped to provide maintenance and servicing for semi-trailers and trailers on the road should they run into problems. This vehicle is equipped with hose reels for compressed air, gas and oxygen so that welding or other necessary repairs can also be carried out on the road.

The Pyxis 8F remote control in combination with the Aquarius 10F receiver are specifically configured for the 24V cable reel. The cable reel with 20 meters long cable and 13-pin plug is used to control the lighting on e.g. a trailer. With the remote control in your hand you can stand behind the trailer to easily and efficiently test the lighting.