Cryogenic tank with Tyro remote control for added safety

A company in England that specializes in car electronics installed a Tyro remote control on a cryogenic trailer. The manner as to how this is applied is not just a regular procedure which occurs daily, even for Tyro.

Extremely cold liquids

Cryogenic literally means “freezing”. Most cryogenic substances are condensed to liquid gases with very low temperatures of -273 ° C to – 130 ºC. When these fluids come in contact with the outside air, they start boiling and go into a gaseous state. Contact with the substance or material cooled by the substance can cause serious injury, that is similar to burn injuries. In addition, it can lead to asphyxiation in confined spaces (because oxygen is displaced into a gaseous form). When working with such substances, it is therefore necessary to take adequate safety measures.

Musca Aquarius as an additional security measure

As a standard the truck with cryogenic tank is equipped with fixed emergency stop buttons around the vehicle so that supply will shut off immediately in case of an emergency. Consider a leak in a hose or a faulty valve. As an additional extra the Tyro Musca remote control with two channels is used in combination with the Aquarius receiver. When delivering the substance the driver has to wait a few seconds, or press either key 1 or key 2 to prevent the system being sealed. When the driver, for any reason, does not press the button after 50 seconds an alert tone will sound during10 seconds. The system shuts down as soon as nothing is pressed within one minute.

Reason for applying this extra safety measure

When this extremely cold material escapes there is a risk of the driver losing conciousness. In a situation like this the fixed emergency stop buttons around the truck are useless. By applying an extra control using the radio remote control of Tyro, the damage is limited.