Asphalt trailers provided with Tyro remote controls [video]

Have you ever thought how asphalt is layed in a tunnel? Normally the tunnel is not high enough for the tipping trailer to tip the asphalt. Do-Wa Trailers in Nunspeet (NL) has designed a trailer that delivers the asphalt by means of a conveyor belt. You might think “no problem” but appearances can be deceptive.

The challenges of a conveyor belt

To get a huge mass of asphalt into motion, it is important that the conveyor belt is not immediately switched onto top speed. If this happens the drive system will break down and will no longer be fit for use. As a preventive measure, the trailer manufacturer has built in a soft starter so that the conveyor belt gradually progresses until reaching the desired speed.

The use of a remote control

Each Do-Wa trailer is provided with a remote control by Tyro Remotes. With the Pyxis remote control the operator can serve 8 functions up to a distance of 250 metres. The video below shows how it is applied.

Do-Wa trailers

Do-Wa Trailers is developing fast. Several customers in Europe have already shown interest in the trailer and in the meantime a number have been delivered.