Hydraulic floors equipped with Tyro remote controls

Remote control for loading floor

Stepless operation of hydraulic floor

Getrex Special Products develops and produces, among other things, special trailers for exclusive car transport and motorsport. In addition, Getrex offers a self-developed concept with infinitely adjustable hydraulic floors so that the capacity of the trailer can be optimally used. Every transport is different and therefore all floors must be accurately adjustable in height. For each transport the most ideal set-up is chosen, and the user has an optimal view of what they are doing.

The hydraulic floors are infinitely adjustable by means of a wireless remote control from Tyro Remotes. Depending on the required functions and preferences, a matching Tyro system is used, ranging from the compact 2-channel Lyra/Hydrus system to the Pyxis/Auriga system with 8 channels that can be completely adapted to the customer’s wishes. All movements react directly to the operation of the function keys thanks to a response time of less than 0.1 seconds.

Remote control for loading floor

Getrex’ experience with Tyro

As a supplier of remote controls, Getrex chose Tyro Remotes for simplicity, quality and reliability. These factors are also of importance because a large part of the customers is resided abroad. Getrex’ customers choose a high-quality product and therefore it is essential that they can rely on a wireless control that matches this quality.