Wireless remote control for winches [video]

A winch usually has two functions; turning out and turning in. A good application for the 2 channel remote control Lyra, in combination with the Hydrus receiver. A big producer of bodywork construction uses the Lyra/Hydrus combination for the winches on the autotransporters that they build.

Tijhof Autotransport systems

A Tijhof client can compile his own transporter; from autotransporter of one car up to transporting big trucks. The bodywork with cabin is driven in and after that provided with a loading floor, in steel or aluminium. Depending on the client’s wishes, winches can also be mounted on these autotransporters. The radiographic receiver of Tyro is mounted on the winch and after that thoroughly tested.

Short video

Below is a short video in which the company and the implementation of the remote control is a shown.

With the Lyra/Hydrus Tijhof has a reliable remote control that is perfectly suitable for operating winches, pumps or aggregates. The receiver is 100% waterproof (IP 68) and provided with an EMC-certification so that these may be mounted and applied on vehicles such as the autotransporters from Tijhof.