Tyro supplies remote control for logistics centre

remote control conveyor belt

Aberle GmbH from Leingarten, Germany is specialized in the automation of intralogistic systems. For a large online retailer in fashion and lifestyle products, they have installed an internal transport system in a new logistics centre.

The aim of automating internal transport is to further improve the quality and economic efficiency of their logistics. The company sends around 33,500 parcels per day and up to 85,000 parcels during peak seasons.

Why use a remote control?

This extensive network of conveyors and systems also requires periodic maintenance or repair. To make this run smoothly, an industrial remote control is used. Aberle GmbH has chosen for the Pyxis/Aquarius system from Tyro Remotes. The customer states: “The robust design and functionalities of the Tyro remote control allow quick and easy operation during commissioning and maintenance of the sorter”.