Barrier provided with industrial remote control

Wolfskuil is an old working-class neighbourhood in the district Nijmegen-Oud-West (The Netherlands). The area north-east of the Nieuwe Nonnendaalseweg was built in the in the first and second decades of the last century. The public area is characterized by a number of major avenues and smaller residential streets and squares. These lanes follow the structure of old country roads.

Reconstruction of a lane

In consultation with the residents of the avenue, the city of Nijmegen chose for a complete redesign of the street. Sewers will be replaced and the complete street will be provided with separate bicycle paths. Also all the trees were replaced.

In somewhat more than three months time it should be possible for buses and emergency services to continue driving over this lane. For this reason, traffic controllers are present to provide access while it is cut off for others. Vioss rentals delivers the barriers that are specially provided with a receiver and remote control so that the barrier can be operated from a distance of 350 meters and is wireless.

Simple but effective

The barriers are equipped with a Hydrus receiver. They are operated with the 2-channel Lyra remote control. Although many barriers can be operated from a distance, an operating distance of 350 meters, without wire is an extremely high standard. This adjustment not only ensures that the traffic controllers can work more efficiently, but also buses and emergency services are not hindered or delayed.