Managing Pallet Shuttle with Tyro remote control

radio remote control for pallet shuttle system

Warehouse space is expensive. To store as much as possible with as little space as possible is the motto. Shuttle Systems utilize the available storage area optimally and offer unparalleled access to the pallets. This project shows how the forklift driver operates the shuttle and gives orders using a wireless industrial remote.

Radio remote control for warehouse storage system

For a specialist in warehouse storage and racking systems – Tyro Remotes provides a radio remote control for controlling the pallet shuttle system. The pallet shuttle system is an efficient storage system for pallets, which consists of specially designed storage racks and one or more mobile shuttles. With a high speed the pallet shuttle drives through the racking system.

Optimal Space utilization

The racks are placed tightly against each other. It is not possible for any forklift to drive between them and it is also not required as the pallet shuttle does not need any drive tracks. Putting away, storing and retrieving the pallets to unlimited depths without driving between the racks provides better space utilization. This level of efficiency is achieved by using a wireless remote to operate the pallet shuttle.

Material handling without human intervention

Such a shuttle is a battery-operated trolley, that drives on rails in the storage racks for loading and unloading of pallets. The tasks need to be performed by the shuttle are executed by the driver of the forklift with the help of the Tyro Libra remote. This is an efficient system; while the shuttle is engaged in the loading and unloading of the pallets, the forklift operator can perform other tasks.

The forklift driver chooses on his Libra transceiver which is mounted on a holder on the forklift, the shuttle that he wants to operate and the tasks that the shuttle needs to perform. If a failure occurs in the shuttle, the Aquila transceiver on the shuttle sends a signal to the transmitter. As a result of that the error message shows up on the LCD display of the transmitter.

Customized wireless control

In addition, the system has numerous user settings which can be set on the remote. Some of these are locked by a PIN. For example, the “home station” of the pallet shuttle can be changed but not every employee has the access to that. As different user settings are possible, they are always there when required and hence, the remote control can be adjusted to the changing user requirements.