Remote control as part of innovation in leek cultivation [video]

The research station for vegetable cultivation (PSKW) in Belgium is a test facility that is focused on research, development and innovation of the agricultural sector. The organization has recently provided a Tyro wireless remote control on a New Holland tractor. In combination with a GPS system there is one person less required for the leek cultivation. This is not only during harvesting, but for all tasks at the testing facility.

Leek cultivation with assistance of a remote control.

The New Holland tractor is operated by a GPS system in the tractor. This system steers the wheels of the tractor automatically. A preset line is followed, which in turn is also followed when planting the leeks. By applying the necessary safety measures no one is required to sit in the tractor. The GPS system in combination with our wireless Pyxis remote control creates the possibility to have the tractor carry out all types of actions.

Operate a tractor with a remote control

Due to the 8 functions of the remote control the driver can stop the tractor, drive it in reverse and then drive forward. When the ground is wet the tractor must be driven slower and when on dry ground the driving speed can be increased. Next to that the drives of the machine can be switched on or off and with the assistance of the remote control the machine be lowered and then raised again.


By pressing the stop button on the top side of the controls everything switches off immediately. The tractor is provided with an obstacle safety provision that stops the tractor if a part breaks down. As an extra safety measure the range is set to +/- 30 meter; the system immediately cuts out as soon as there is no contact between the remote controle and the receiver.

List of functions
  • Forward drive, reverse drive
  • Start, stop
  • Speeding up, slowing down
  • Pto shaft in/out
  • Stop button: motor of tractor complete shut down
  • Out of range protection
The GPS system with which a preset line is followed.
Tyro remote controls are used in very tough applications.

Video of application

Below a short video in which the remote control is used for harvesting leeks. Here you can see that the leek falls onto a conveyer belt. The leek is then taken from here and placed in a metal box. As soon as this is full a new box will be loaded and can be driven further.

The wireless control is not only used for harvesting, but also when planting, sowing and hoeing of the leek. In the meantime, the PSKW has also provided their other tractors with a Tyro remote control.