Growing mushrooms with the help of Tyro remote control

Cultivating mushrooms is a complicated and yet nice process. This must be done by artificially creating an autumn-like environment. An appropriate culture medium and an optimum conditioning is of great importance here.

Cultivating mushrooms

Mushroom nurseries consist of multiple cells. In this case, the cell is five meters wide and eighty meters long with 7 tiers. Each bed is provided with compost in which mycelium (mushroom spawn which develops into finely branched fungal threads) is processed with a layer of casing material on top.

A cell is hermetically sealed. After approximately 3 days the mushroom grower brings about a big change in climate; the temperature of the compost has dropped from 27°C to 20°C in two or three days. Due to the change in climate the mycelium above in the casing draws together and forms buttons. These grow into mushrooms. Each bed yields two harvests.

Automated processing

The cut mushrooms are put on a conveyor belt during harvest. This conveyor belt is suspended by steel cables which can be adjusted in height along its entire length. The height adjustment of the conveyor belt is one of the two functions that the remote control is used for.

Stretching the cloth

Beside the conveyor the motors of the cloth winch are also operated by means of the Tyro remote control. Using the cloth winch the cloth is pulled back in the bed after being emptied. In this way a cell is emptied every six weeks and prepared for the next crop.

Tyro remote controls

The cultivator has chosen for a wireless remote control so that he can freely walk in the cell without having to continuously use a cable. The moist environment can reduce the range of a radio remote control considerably. The Pyxis remote control in combination with the Auriga receiver is ideal for use in a mushroom nursery. A specialist in industrial automation installed the set professionally, and thereby giving the end user maximum user comfort.