Software engineer Martijn talks about his latest project

software engineer Martijn

I’d like to introduce myself…

My name is Martijn Scheltens and I have been working as a software engineer in the Engineering Department since November 2018. In this relatively short time I have been able to develop myself a lot within Tyro. I started as an embedded software engineer where I mainly focused on creating customer specific functionalities in our standard software. Later I added the maintenance of all Pollux software. Furthermore, I am currently involved in writing production manuals, making fault analyses and product management within our ERP system.

In our department we are not only involved in the development of new products. This includes for example our new radio module, which is soon to be introduced. We are also involved in the maintenance and improvement of existing products. Furthermore, we make tailor made solutions for the customer, where standard hardware and software of our remote controls are adapted to specific requirements and wishes. Writing test procedures and making test set-ups are also part of our job package. Furthermore, we take care of the tooling with which the systems can be configured and programmed in the various departments within Tyro.

A look at the day-to-day

At the moment I am preparing the software and configuration of a Pollux-Auriga set for a customer. The assignment of this customer is to create a remote control with which he can control a vehicle with a washing installation to clean the facades of buildings. This track-laying vehicle must be able to move from trailer to work location and of course on the location itself. Furthermore, the machine must be able to fold out a lift system and move a brush back and forth on that lift for cleaning. The remote control helps the customer to have a better overview of the surface to be cleaned and also prevents the customer from getting dirty or wet when the brush is in use. A lot of information about this project was already provided through the sales department and for the details and specific requirements I contacted the technical department of the company.

Maximum functionality for demanding design

The Pollux is a special case in the Tyro range because of its compact design and versatility. Controls such as switches, but also joysticks or potentiometers can be chosen by the customer, as well as position and functionality. For this purpose, this Pollux is equipped with two analogue joysticks for track control as well as three toggle switches to position the brush of the washing installation. I am routing the values of the joysticks and switches to the analog outputs and relays on the Auriga receiver. Furthermore I configure things like the minimum and maximum values of the analogue outputs and the frequency at which the system works.

Knowledge, but also cooperation is essential

Essentially, I work with all departments. Within Tyro there is an informal atmosphere with short lines between the departments. If new items are needed for a project, I consult with the purchasing department, but I also check during production whether this item can be processed properly. This can be as simple as the introduction of a new screw. And for a new project I will of course have a lot of contact with the sales department and possibly also directly with the customer. The same goes for certain malfunctions, for which I will visit the customer from time to time. Apart from this, at Tyro I try to listen internally per department where there is a need and respond where necessary.

Satisfied Customers: That’s why you do it.

Of course I try to make sure that the customer is satisfied. In order to achieve this, you deliver a technically stable and reliable product. This requires robust software and hardware, as well as good testing systems and procedures to measure and guarantee quality. But not only the customer who buys your product is important, Tyro’s internal departments, which are in fact each other’s customers, are also important. So my goal is to keep them satisfied as well.

This comes down a lot to communication and the empathic ability to try to understand or feel your customer, either externally or internally. Furthermore, this type of project appeals to your problem-solving skills and of course my technical knowledge and experience with cases. Applicable for any industry or machine.