MV Solitaire – Largest pipelay vessel in the world

mv solitaire

The MV Solitaire was built in 1998 on the order of the Dutch Allseas Group. The ship measures 397 meters long, can accommodate 420 passengers and can accommodate more than 9 km pipelaying per 24 hours. At the stern of the ship a stinger is mounted, which facilitates the process of installing the sub-sea pipelines. This structure is 97 meters long and is inserted into the sea by using 4 heavy winches. To manage these heavy winches 4 Tyro Sedna / Aquarius systems are used.

In 1972 the ship was launched as a bulk carrier at a Japanese shipyard. In 1998 the ship was converted to a pipelay vessel. Since then the ship has been used in many projects concerning the laying of the pipes.

Placement of the new stinger and the frame with winches

In a dry-dock in Rotterdam in Keppel Verolme Botlek a new long stinger is mounted to optimize the insertion of pipes into the seabed. Due to the length of the stinger and the associated weight is a large frame was built behind the ship. Four winches hang on this frame that hold the stinger and allow it’s lowering and lifting. Due to their reliability the Tyro Sedna remote control together with the Aquarius receiver were chosen for the winch operation.

Aquarius range winch operation

The Musca and Sedna transmitters with Aquarius receiver have been successfully used for years for operating winches. The industrial remote control for winches are used in many sectors such as for small winches in the theater technique to the heaviest winches in the offshore sector. Tyro remotes can deliver remotes suitable for each type of winch.

Sailing factory

The Solitaire is a floating factory, the ship can carry about 22,000 tons of pipeline. All these pipes are used to make the pipelines. A process of deburring, welding, coating and finally laying of the pipe on the seabed. The ship often works on offshore and thereby reliability and robustness of tools has the highest priority.