Safe installation of an Airbus engine

remote control for airbus operator

A French engineering company was awarded the contract for the automation of an Airbus aircraft engine. As the mounting of the engine was done mechanically, the biggest shortcoming was the feedback concerning the weight of the load. An essential element, as an aircraft engine weighs about 10.8 tons.

The engineering office chose for Tyro Remotes

After many comparisons, the engineering office chose for the Tyro remote control Cetus in combination with the Norma receiver. This remote control is specially designed for complex industrial applications. The system is specially configured and programmed for this application. As the customer can choose the key symbols of his choice for the keypad, the remote control is completely tailored for his particular application.

Loaded weight shown on LCD screen

Currently, three operators are needed for this operation. Two operators – on either side of the motor – drive 4 tackles (2 tackles per operator) by a remote control. A third person coordinates the operation and monitors the value of the loaded weight. It is measured very precisely. The value of the loaded weight is shown on the LCD screen of the radio remote and the electrical box. If the weight is too high on a hoist, the hoist stops and an alarm goes on to alert the operator.

Remote control functionality

The industrial remote control systems of Tyro provide the following functions “up”, “down” and the speed control (speed + / -). Functions “up” and “down” can take a long time. That is why the switches are latching so that the operator can have both his hands free. This system is available in the market for different type of airlines in the world. We at ‘Tyro Remotes ’offer a choice of different radio frequencies so that the remotes can be used in different continents.