Wirelessly monitored drain cleaner

In the Netherlands you live with water! A large part of our country lies below sea level. Good water management is, thus, of vital importance to us. Drainage pipes makes sure that open fields, pastures and sports fields do not get excess water.

Wireless remote control for drain cleaner

It is of great importance that these drainage pipes remain clean. All those kilometres of drainage pipe are cleaned with a drain cleaner. In order for one man to do this work efficiently, a wireless control is indispensable!

The importance of precise control

The drainage tubes are often only accessible from a ditch bank. Therefore, the cleaner has a hydraulic arm carrying the spray nozzle which can rotate in all directions. The correct direction of this nozzle is not to be underestimated. When sprayed the wrong angle, it can cause damage to the drain and structural damage to the soil.

Improved overview = less chance of damage

If the cleaner operates the machine using the hydraulic lever, the view on the execution of the operation is zero. This makes having a wireless remote control inevitable. By using a remote control, the cleaner can monitor the whole process from the ditch bank accurately and can execute his work without any damage.

Pyxis/Auriga remote control system

The fast response time (< 0.1 sec.) and flexible programming of the systems made the manufacturer of the drain cleaner to choose for Tyro Remotes. The systems that are used are from our Pyxis/Auriga range. In addition to that, systems based on the Cetus/Norma range have also been used for some special cases.