Product optimization: the new Tyro Aquarius receiver

Now even more robust and user friendly!

In order to respond to the market needs and to meet the requirements for the new e4 certification, Tyro Remotes has redesigned it’s popular waterproof Aquarius receiver. This provides a number of important benefits for both the customers and the end users.

Programming button

The main improvement is the addition of a programming button on the Aquarius receiver. This eliminates the need to retrieve and reconnect the cables for programming a new transmitter. A feature that not only increases the ease of use but also significantly reduces the risk of making mistakes while programming a transmitter to the receiver . As a result it protects the system from getting damaged during programming.

New e4 certification

Complying to the amended legislation (Regulation 10, November 2014), Aquarius receiver acquired the renewed e4 certification ensuring that it meets the highest safety requirements for use on the public roadways and around it in the coming years.

Robust FLEX antenna

The new FLEX antenna on the Aquarius receiver is very robust and with its waterproof cast casing it makes the popular Aquarius receiver indestructible. Needless to say that Aquarius is still also available with a BNC connection for those situations where it is necessary to mount the antenna on a different location.

More options

Finally the maximum configuration of the Aquarius system has been expanded making the system suitable for even more applications than was already possible. Now Aquarius has a maximum configuration of 6 digital outputs (MOSFETs) and two digital inputs. The number of digital inputs can optionally be extended to 6.


Obviously, the new Aquarius receiver is compatible with all the previous versions of the system. The option to use Aquarius as M2M system remains possible as before. Also, the option to use a RS 232 connector which makes serial communication possible is not a problem for the new version . Feel free to contact us if you want to know more about the various possibilities.


  • Programming button for increased user comfort
  • More robust thanks to the new FLEX antenna
  • E4 mark with Europe wide coverage
  • Extensive configuration possibilities
  • Suitable for even more applications
  • Compatible with the previous versions