Trailer with Push-off uses Tyro remote control


Truck with Push-off system

Unload grain, wood chips, wood pellets or other agricultural products safely and efficiently from your truck or trailer within seconds with Heitling Fahrzeugbau solutions. The company from Germany has been the supplier of system solutions for many years within the mineral, animal feed and wood pellet industry.

Heitling produces bulk trucks and tippers using practical solutions to make loading and unloading as smooth and user-friendly as possible. This takes into account sloping terrain and low buildings. Below is a short video of the application:

Advantages of the Push-off system

As soon as a truck is filled with grain, for example, the driver can automatically cover it up before it goes on the road. Upon arrival, the driver can easily unload his cargo by opening the flap with the remote control and pushing it out with the built-in slide.

The remote control and receiver

For this system the Pyxis Safe / Aquarius system is used. The industrial transmitter in combination with the 100% waterproof receiver are ideal to apply to mobile solutions. The system is equipped with the mandatory E4 certificate, applicable to the automotive industry.

Heitling trailer with Push-off system used Tyro remote control

The company in Germany regularly uses our remote controls for system solutions in the mineral, animal feed and wood pellet industry.